This is an excellent website for students of the Dutch language. You can find interesting news articles with explanations of the difficult words, grammar and spelling exercises, radio interviews and much more. Highly recommended.


Aimed at ‘SAMmers’, i.e. students with a mothertongue other than English. On this page you will find grammar and spelling exercises, links to other interesting pages and study tips. Especially check out the section called ‘Studietaal’.

NT2 Taalmenu

Large variety of Dutch language activities for different levels. Skills practised include reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, vocabulary development, speaking, writing, Dutch culture…


Reading exercises, spelling and grammar activities.


This page contains all sorts of interesting and quirky aspects of the Dutch language. You will find everything from the most popular pet names to swear words and SMS language.


This portal links you to a variety of Dutch as a second language websites.


European multilingual centre for language learning. This is a meeting point for other learners of Dutch in the world. The page also links to self assessment tools and has lots of tips by and for learners of foreign languages.


Website with skills and grammar practice for students learning Dutch as a foreign language in 4 levels. You need to pay to get access to this website, but some exercises can be tried for free.

Nederlands op niveau

Online materials that go with this text book for upper-intermediate to advanced students (>B1). There are interactive exercises to further practise the grammar covered by the book and listening exercises with questions and answers in the Soundbites section.


Variety of exercises to practise spelling, grammar and common writing errors.

KA Ronse

On the web page designed by one of the teachers at KA Ronse (school) you can find extra exercises for spelling, grammar and some reading activities.


Amazing website where you can download over 100 audio stories by famous Dutch and Flemish writers. There are stories for kids and for adults. Highly recommended!

Vreemde Eend

This project aims to teach Dutch through the use of children’s songs from all over the world. Lesson material and audio can be downloaded from the website.

Het Nationale Prentenboekenarchief

Large collection of books for young children. You can read the stories while you listen to them and watch the pictures.


Search for Schooltv videos on a large variety of topics in this amazing database.

Portaal voor Beeld en Geluid

This portal gives you access to a number of video and audio in Dutch.

Laura speaks Dutch

Podcasts about various topics related to Dutch culture…. in Dutch and English. The podcast leaves room for students to repeat after the speaker to practise pronunciation.


Watch a number of Dutch television shows and films online.


Video program to support Dutch language learning for beginners – pre-intermediate students. The video classes are linked to online exercises as well.

Lezen voor Iedereen

This is the website of a publishing company called ‘Eenvoudig Communiceren’. They publish adult and children’s novels in easier Dutch. You can read some excerpts online and find extra practice material that goes with the books.


Online newspaper with exercises for teenagers.

Krant in de klas - Dutch

Krant in de klas - Flemish

Online newspaper stories with tasks and exercises for children and teenagers.


Online news for kids in Dutch that is easy to understand.


Online library with articles and video material on a large variety of topics. Good for reading and listening practice.


This German/Dutch website has a great picture dictionary explaining common words in Dutch. There are also some online exercises, tongue twisters etc.

Ontdek Nederland

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Netherlands in understandable Dutch. When you think you know everything there is to know about this country, try the quiz or the game ‘Schuiven maar’.


This portal links you to interesting materials related to all areas discussed in the Dutch ‘Inburgeringsexamen’ about living in Dutch society.

VCE Exams

On the VCAA website you can download all VCE Dutch exams from 2004 till now. You can also access the audio used and read a report with the answers to each question and the most common mistakes made by the students that year. Extremely helpful in your own exam preparation!

Certificaat Nederlands als Tweede Taal

Download two practice exams and audio for each category of this test.

Staatsexamen NT2

Practice exams for the mandatory Dutch as a second language exam for migrants in Holland. Download audio and tasks to test your language skills.


The different language components on this website help you to spell better, get on top of grammar, write more fluently and expand your vocabulary.

Transparent: Byki software

This software is free to download and will help you to learn and practise basis Dutch words and phrases for beginners.

NT2 Nieuwslezer

Fantastic program that helps you to improve your reading skills and expand your vocabulary and language knowledge at a rapid pace with the help of current newspaper articles.


Interactive program to help French speakers learn Dutch. Some terminology is in French, but most of it is in Dutch!

Juffrouw Blom

Digital Dutch practice for children learning Dutch and living abroad. This site also contains free software for a Dutch dictionary that you can download!